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"Friction" at Ohio State

The past few weeks industry sources have mentioned to FootballScoop issues at Ohio State between the football staff and athletics leadership as well as within the program itself. Multiple times, the term "friction" has been used to describe issues between Urban Meyer and Gene Smith (and their respective key lieutenants). Within the football program itself, it has been said there is a tension that hasn't been present in previous years.

Purdue's beat down of the Buckeyes brought considerable additional attention on the program and has many talking about the issues within the program.

On the Dan Patrick show this morning, former Buckeye Kirk Herbstreit noted he has observed concerning issues with Urban himself. Herbstreit notes, among other things, Urban looking anguished on the sideline, adding that he has seemed erratic at times as well.

Given the success Urban has had, one should assume that in time, he will make the necessary changes to continue to improve the program itself, releasing that tension. However, that "friction" with athletics leadership is different. Something we're told hasn't been there in the past.

Certainly the "investigation" in August in connection with the Zach Smith/Urban Meyer issues were a challenge for Ohio State's leadership. It will be interesting to see if there is additional fallout later this academic year that helps to resolve some of this friction....stay tuned.