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Friday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

-This is a rather interesting perspective

-Looks like Jim Harbaugh got trolled by some neighbors of a kid he was visiting

-The quote of the day

-If you're just getting into smoking and grilling meats, this product looks like a must-have.

The best from yesterday:

-LSU running backs coach Frank Wilson will be the new head coach at UTSA

-Behind Jim Harbaugh's recruiting approach: Where most people see NCAA rules as roadblocks, Harbaugh sees opportunities

-"If you're labeled a great recruiter, 99% of the time that means you can't coach a lick"

-Doug Pederson will be the new head coach in Philly

-The New York Giants promote OC Ben McAdoo to head coach

-The 49ers have hired Chip Kelly

-The state of Wisconsin has banned (or "highly discouraged") chanting at high school games