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Friday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Minnesota will have special white Salute to Service helmets

This is great

Well played Butterfinger

That's interesting

We've highlighted this before, but this is good stuff


The quote of the day

Ugh. C'mon Matt Campbell

Why does coach Leavitt have his hat in the fridge?

The NBA has a new policy on resting healthy players

This is wild...and they won the game!

Politics aside, this is comical

The best from yesterday:

Louisiana HS will kick players off the football team for kneeling during the National Anthem

James Franklin shares the 3 things you have to do well to win at the highest level

These 12 teams are winning more plays than anyone in college football

“If you wait until game week to prepare for an option offense, you don’t have a chance”

FootballScoop Pick ‘Em: Week 5

Thursday’s One Minute Warm Up