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Friday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Steve Smith is serious about throwing down with Michael Irvin

Inside how Oregon stores all their Nike gear

Larry Johnson gets the Buckeyes hyped before practice with one question

The quote of the day

This FG from last night hit the upright, and then the crossbar TWICE before going through. That should be worth at least 5 points

The Seahawks having a bit of fun on a Techno Thursday practice

I didn't even know that was legal in volleyball...

The best from yesterday:

Video: On a 1-game NFL suspension, Marshawn Lynch decided to practice with a high school

An interesting coaching strategy to deal with players who aren’t buying into your program

SMU uses inspiration from popular Netflix series for latest graphics

Coaching status report: Conference USA

Arizona coordinator put his hair on the line for a game, and players gave him an interesting haircut

Thursday’s One Minute Warm Up