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Friday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

A lot of truth to this

Mark Richt as a Miami QB against ND back in 1981....Hopefully this weekend fares better for him as a coach of the 'Canes vs. the Irish.



Really cool idea from LSU

Pretty clever

Muschamp's last buyout payment from Florida is coming up

Great advice

This is incredible


Quality life lesson

Trestman didn't work out for the Bears, but in the CFL he's doing quite well

The best from yesterday:

Tommy Tuberville wants to be Auburn’s next AD

“A lot of ADs are more interested in hiring guys who’re going to win the podium than they are in hiring football coaches”

“I️ wish there was more about what we are for…as opposed to what we’re against”

Thursday’s One Minute Warm Up