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Friday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Keep an eye on the players. I've watched this over and over at least 10 times

Uhm, might want to check that ball out for foreign substances

This is actually a pretty good fast food idea

Strange occurrence of 666

Great, touching tribute to legendary comedian Don Rickles from Jimmy Kimmel last night

So true

Good reminder, and a great choice for our quote of the day

Not everyday you see a Kentucky basketball reference on CNN

Cool idea here from USA Football, handing out a gold ball at a recent football camp

This is incredible

The best from yesterday:

Why’d Rhett Lashlee leave Auburn for UConn? “The challenge is what excites me.”

If you’re not doing this drill already, you should start now

Clemson’s national title rings are in, and they’re quite shiny

Justin Wilcox starts every practice at Cal with tackling drills for the entire team, including offensive guys

Take a look at the new recruiting and locker room areas Auburn has planned for Jordan-Hare Stadium

Thursday’s One Minute Warm Up