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Friday's One Minute Warm Up

Doug is out today, so this is Zach pinch-hitting on today's Warm Up. Send all compliments to Zach, complaints to Doug.

This is absolutely incredible. Woman banks in half-court shot, gets engaged to Dunkin' Donuts mascot.

It seems like Jeopardy! runs a college football category about once a month these days. Perhaps they've run out of 18th century Russian literature topics to cover.

Great story here.

Interesting read for those who care.

Today's words to live by.

How long until they figure out how to make this happen on the gridiron?

The best from yesterday...

Jim Harbaugh rips Paul, err, “Pete” Finebaum

The “power of football”

By the numbers: Crowning pound-for-pound statiscal champions across college football

John Curtis is suing the Louisiana High School Athletic Association