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Friday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Hawaii having some fun lighting each other up on their off day

Why would you NOT sign up for this?

Charles Oakley gets banned for life at Madison Square Garden, so Cavs owner Dan Gilbert had him sit courtside in Cleveland for the Cavs vs. Knicks game

Congrats to coach Linguist!

That's a whole lot of bling, courtesy of Hoover HS (AL)

The quote of the dayChampions

How about this for a buzzer beater?

Jim Kelly wakes up his wife with some wildlife calls from the back porch

The best from yesterday:

Willie Taggart is shunning Oregon’s lead football beat writer

Jim Harbaugh explains his beef with Pete Finebaum

Video: From 0-10, to national champs in one year

Video: “This is not going to be your average workout…”

“Stuff coaches say”

Florida’s new facility will (might?) have a holographic training area

Thursday’s One Minute Warm Up