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Friday's One Minute Warm Up

To Get Your Blood Moving...

- What else would you expect from West Virginia?

- Imagine all the different cancers these gentlemen could have cured in the time it took to master this: - For all the foodies reading this: ever grilled your steaks over molten lava? - A match made in football heaven, day one:

- Nick Saban said Thursday he was "opposed" to Monte Burke's unauthorized biography, but Burke told Tide Sports he updated Saban on the book as he wrote it.

In Case You Missed It...

- This video does a great job showing what Mizzou and Gary Pinkel are all about.

- Kid reporter asks Jim Harbaugh how much milk he needs to drink to play college ball.

- Do your program a favor: don't be the Tampa Bay Bucs.

- Throwbacks at Utah, new helmets at Vandy and Tulsa.

- We announced the finalists for the High School Video of the Year yesterday.