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Friday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood flowing:

-You can't make this kind of stuff up. Hopefully that's not permanent considering the your/you're dilemma.

-A biscuit bar for breakfast? I'm pretty sure that this is where dreams come true

-Thankfully, @FauxPelini still drops a tweet like this every now and then

-The quote of the day

The best from yesterday:

-Inside the headset communication structure of Nick Saban and his staff on game day

-A letter from an uncle to his nephew perfectly explains the value of football

-Scott Power of Marian University has been named the NAIA Coordinator of the Year

-Mount Union's Chris Kappas has been named Division II Coordinator of the Year

-Dabo Swinney's life story will break your heart, then sew it back together

-The NDSU equipment staff take you behind the scenes to show all the work that goes into prepping for the FCS title game

On tap today:

No games today, but the FCS title game kicks off tomorrow at noon