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Friday's One Minute Warm Up

Friday's One Minute Warm Up

-Michael Phelps, the 18-time Olympic gold medalist, volunteered his services to "The Curtain of Distraction" last night. The free throw shooter missed both shots.

-Looks like some frat boys got ahold of the Super Bowl 50 statue

-Quote of the day

-If you're note following renowned author Jon Gordon, you should be for nuggets like this

The best from yesterday:

-Coaches explain how they recruit players who have already committed to another program

-Christian McCaffery drops some knowledge for your kids

-Jim Harbaugh has compiled quite the list of celebrities to attend their National Signing Day event

-The Texas System has created their own "Rooney Rule" for all senior level executive positions

-Meet Andrew Berry, the 28-year-old NFL personnel executive, and football's version of Theo Epstein