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Friday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

-ECU takes you inside of their first signing day under Scottie Montgomery. Lots of new energy in the building.

-The quote of the day

-Nice little competition drill here

-This signing day graphic of all the recruits heading to Ann Arbor is pretty sweet. Commits with half Michigan and half HS unis

-Wisconsin men's basketball player Nigel Hayes dropped the mic last night when asked about Ohio State

-A lot of guys talk about building a fence around their state for recruiting, but Chad Morris and his staff are the only ones (I can think of) who have effectively done it.

The best from yesterday:

A Virginia assistant chased down a hit and run driver during a recruiting stop

Video: What if coaches were brutally honest about how they really felt about their signing day classes?

Photos: Louisville pumping $55 million into football facilities

NCAA rules committee to review targeting rule, allowing tablets on sidelines

Tom Herman and his staff went full-blown Office Space on their fax machine

Chad Morris has completely changed the atmosphere around SMU football