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Friday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

For a team that struggled so mightily on offense earlier this season, this is impressive

Coach Rolo having some Thanksgiving day fun!

That's nasty

A hot chocolate bar?

Is that the awful smelling salt they use on knocked out players to snap them out of it?

This is a really cool high school tradition

The quote of the day


Rich Eisen, a Michigan grad, came back to this prank on set the other day


BTN's Mike Hall does some weightlifting with the Hoosiers

The best from Friday and the weekend:

Updates at Texas, LSU, Baylor, and Scott talks Notre Dame, Texas Tech, Florida State, Oregon, Kansas State, and more

The nominees for the Broyles Award have been released

An Illinois judge will decide who will play in the state title game after a botched call

Michigan has Jordan, and it appears Ohio State may be going LeBron this weekend