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Friday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

- Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh thought someone was pranking him when he got the call from Michael Jordan.

- The best headshot in college football has been located, and it belongs to Nebraska defensive end Ross Dzuris (who also deserves a lifetime supply of mustache wax).

- This is my new favorite GIF.

- God bless minor league baseball and their uniform creativity.

- These recruiting announcements keep getting more and more ridiculous. What's next?

- Videos of deserving walk-ons getting scholarships never get old. Here's David Shaw awarding one to Stanford inside linebacker Craig Jones.

- Here's a look at a few well done hype videos from the small college and high school ranks. First one is Amherst College (D-III - MA) and the second is East Rowan HS (NC).