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Details of Brian Kelly's contract at LSU

Full details of Brian Kelly's contract at LSU, including the buyout section that has some rather interesting phrasing....

As news started to leak that Brian Kelly was leaving Notre Dame for LSU, some crazy figures were floated as far as what his annual salary was going to be, with one national reporter sharing it could be $15 million annually.

LSU shared in their official release that Kelly's deal is for 10-years and worth $95 million, before incentives kick in. With his $500k annual retention bonuses, Kelly's deal is actually worth $100 million...and assuming he makes a bowl game every year that takes the base value to $105 million*. 

Additional details of his contract were shared this evening, and Ross Dellenger and Brody Miller were on the beat to share them.

Incentives for the contract include:

  • $75k for playing in the SEC title game
  • $150k for winning SEC championship
  • $500k for becoming bowl eligible*
  • $100k for making a New Years Six Bowl
  • $200k for making the CFP Semifinal
  • $300k for making the College Football Finals
  • $500k for winning the college
  • $50k for SEC Coach of the Year
  • $75k for National Coach of the Year honors

The most interesting part of the contract may be the buyout section.

LSU, who has fired their last two head coaches after they'd led them to national titles, would owe Kelly 100% of his remaining salary if they were to fire him after he brought a national title back to Baton Rouge. If they were to fire him without cause, they would owe him 90% of his remaining salary. 

If Kelly were to terminate his employment while Scott Woodward is still in place as the athletic director, he would owe:

  • $4 million in the first year of the deal
  • $3 million in year two
  • $2 million in years three through the end of the contract

Kelly will meet the media for the first time as the LSU head coach on Wednesday.

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