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Future development of FootballScoop

Over the past few years it seems this site grows every month between 20 and 60 percent (and we're just getting started!). The most recent busy season saw the site host nearly 200,000 unique visitors every week, and those visitors were seeing nearly one million pages each week. Unfortunately, throughout the past six months, the databases and servers have not been able to keep up and the site has crashed a few times and page load times have at times been completely unacceptable. 

The technology that the site was built upon has been pushed to its limits and it is time to develop the platform that can take us years into the future.

With all that said, we're looking for a new developer to take on the project of building the future of this website.

We have the design and core functionality in mind and friends who helped build and other major websites are available to assist with the design and to consult, but we're looking for a developer (or developers) who can not only build a great platform but be there to work with us as needed in the future. 

As with any project, price and timing will be relevant factors; but we're most focused on finding a great developer who will build a platform that we all will love to use for years. 

Those interested in working with us on this project please contact Scott Roussel at to learn more. 

One last note to our audience, our core content won't change much (although we can always do better); but if there is anything you specifically want to see improved or added, please let us know that as well. We thank you all.

- Scott