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Gary Patterson apologizes, calls this a teachable moment

Yesterday, allegations surfaced from multiple TCU players that Gary Patterson had used the "N word" in front of the team.

Although it is now clear that Patterson used that word when asking a certain player not to use that word in his position group meeting room; Patterson listened to the feedback from his players and decided he needed to apologize for even saying the word.

"He said it trying to ask the players not to use it anymore. He has since apologized for doing so in this manner and said it was a teachable moment for him and many others." TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini stated in an email to TCU360.

TCU senior offensive lineman Kelton Hollins tweeted last night that Patterson met with the football leadership council, "We have discussed ways to move forward while keeping in mind the mental health of the football team. Coach P understands the significance of what he said. Regardless of the context, the word is unacceptable to use but even more so in today's climate. As a team, we continue to hold coaches and everyone accountable especially as it pertains to the injustices of America."

Patterson, in attempting to teach his players, used a word that is offensive. He apologized for using that word, and used this entire thing as a teachable moment for his players. The players had a forum to speak up, Patterson listened. They will move forward together and be better on the back side.

This morning Patterson tweeted:

I met with our seniors and leadership council last night about how we move forward as a team, together. We are committed as individuals and as a program to fighting racial injustice of any kind.

I apologize for the use of a word that, in any context, is unacceptable. I have always encouraged our players to do better and be better and I must live by the same standards.

Our players, past and present have always been the strength of our program. These men are and will always be my motivation and driving force.

To read more about what transpired yesterday go here.

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