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Gary Patterson: "Coaching is 10% play calling, 90% managing people"

Typically, "coach-speak" is in full swing as each coach steps up to the podium at their league's annual media day pressers. However, every year a few coaches will share a nugget or two outside the typical coach-speak talk track.

Last week, TCU's Gary Patterson made some waves by sharing his belief that the new NCAA transfer model is sending the message that quitting is okay. This morning, Patterson led off Big 12 Media Days by sharing another interesting take, this time on being a college football coach.

As a coaching community, we all understand that being successful in football is about more than just the scheme you run, and more about how you connect with your players and staff, and that's exactly the sentiment that Patterson is sharing here. I wonder if coaches at the NFL feel that the split is the same, or just how different it is in their mind. Reflecting back on my first year calling plays, I tried to remind myself of a similar quote every time I felt the stress getting to me and it definitely helped to keep things in perspective. Below are a few more noteworthy takeaways from Patterson.