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Gary Patterson made a wardrobe change at halftime and it led to the biggest comeback in bowl history


This one is for all of the coaches with superstitions out there. You know who you are, and Gary Patterson is with you.

At the beginning of TCU's Valero Alamo Bowl game against Oregon, Gary Patterson was wearing a black long sleeve shirt and a black visor. At halftime, the Horned Frogs were down 31-0 and couldn't seem to get anything going offensively or defensively. According to Patterson, they needed to "change the energy".

Apparently that means a wardrobe change is necessary.

Come the beginning of the third quarter, Patterson was wearing a very different ensemble. Gone were the black long sleeve shirt and visor, and in its place was a purple short sleeve shirt and a purple visor. Coincidentally, that's when the momentum shifted, as TCU scored 31 points in the second half to force overtime, and ended up scoring 47 before it was all said and done in a total of three overtimes to win the game. The turnaround was the the biggest bowl comeback in college football history.

After the game, when asked about the wardrobe change, Patterson simply said, "The purple shirt works".

Next season, you might want to start packing a second option on game day, just in case your team needs "a change of energy" to spark a turnaround. Hey, it worked for Patterson and TCU.