As if being a future College Football Hall of Famer wasn’t enough, Gary Patterson is now a published song writer.

The TCU head coach has released his debut music video “Take a Step Back,” as part of an album he told reporters he was recording back in April.

“Some of it slowing down, to be honest with you, is for the better,” he said at the time. “Maybe I’ll write a song about taking that deep breath, see what that looks like.”

Like many a country tune, “Take a Step Back” is about slowing down and appreciating the finer things in life. “Take a step back,” the song opens, “take a look at your life. Hug your children, kiss your wife.”

“This song was written back in April during the peak of COVID,” Patterson said on Twitter. “I wanted to remind people to enjoy the time with their families, get to know their neighbors and be kind to each other through it all.”

As you’ll see, Patterson’s day job figures prominently in the video.

Patterson has long been a part-time singer/songwriter; he told reporters in April he had a collection of 15 songs written over the course of 30 years. Here he is in 2013 playing for theĀ Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“Take a Step Back” is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.


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