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Geoff Collins explains why he believes depth charts do more harm than good

If there's one thing that the fans and media both love, especially when it comes to premier position battles like the quarterback spot, it is depth charts.

Pull a Jim Harbaugh and don't issue a depth chart, and folks are going to get upset. Have some fun like Colorado did a few years ago while poking fun at Michigan's lack of depth chart and folks will still be upset.

The only way to avoid it is to just release an accurate depth chart.

However, Georgia Tech's Geoff Collins isn't a believer in depth charts. He actually thinks they may do more harm than good.

“I don’t believe in naming starters, I don’t believe in naming backups," he shared with the AJC.

"The second you get labeled as a backup you start preparing as a backup, you start practicing like a backup. But if you know you’re going to play and get meaningful reps because of your preparation and how well you do in practice, you’re going to practice like a starter, you’re going to prepare like a starter.”

If you've ever been second, or further, down on a depth chart, chances are Collins' message rings a bit more true.

Head over to the AJC to read more on Collins and his unique approach.