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Geoff Collins shares how the evolution of a great leader starts first with something that takes no talent

Depending on what program you're at, and who it is led by, there's a number of distinguished honors that players can earn.

Temple has awarded single digit numbers to those they identify as being "single digit tough. Northwestern players vote on who wears the #1 jersey each year, a tradition that started back in 2011 awarded to the person on the team who truly embodies the values and character of the football family.

Those are just a few, and there are plenty more out there.

At Georgia Tech, Geoff Collins is all about tangible gifts like the homemade “Gold-Blooded #CHAOScruzer," but at the podium this week shared an interesting 20-second nugget as he talked about what the highest honor in the Yellow Jacket program will be under his leadership.

That honor? Being a great teammate.