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Georgia has found an interesting way to make their recruiting mailings stick out

For blue chip high school recruits with NFL dreams, ESPN personality Todd McShay is the King of the NFL draft. Forget Mel Kiper Jr., for young, rising talent, McShay is the new face of The Draft.

Just to have your name mentioned by McShay during ESPN's coverage of the draft is a dream in and of itself for players.

Georgia recognized that, and aimed to capitalize on it with their latest recruiting mailing as two UGA targets pointed out on their Twitter pages.


Nice move by Georgia here finding a creative way to showcase their ability to churn out NFL talent, while also demanding the attention of their recruiting targets. Smothers and Davis both seem to really like the approach, and I can see why.

If you don't have a photoshop expert in your recruiting department, or on staff, you'd be smart to find one. The creative possibilities when it comes to your recruiting material are literally limitless with the right photoshop skills.

(H/T Atlanta Journal-Constitution)