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Georgia has released a social distancing hype video

These are strange times we're living in, where a phrase that didn't exist two weeks ago -- social distancing -- is now humanity's greatest weapon in our worldwide war against COVID-19.

Any war requires effective messaging, and -- again, strange times we're living in -- some of the most effective messengers we have are the content producers that work for college football programs.

Their talent is as good as anything Hollywood has to offer, and their reach can penetrate the hearts and minds of people that may not listen to anyone else. See: the state of Louisiana enlisting Ed Orgeron over the weekend.

Georgia has now released a hype video to promote social distancing, encourage good citizenship among its fan base, and to offer a light at the end of the tunnel that Bulldog football will return in force this fall.

This video will have you ready to wash your hands, punch a wall and then wash your hands a second time.

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