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Georgia high school's resources look like an FBS program

Georgia's resources for high school football are on a whole different level, as Josh Niblett's new program shows

During a 14-year run Josh Niblett led Hoover HS (AL) to six state titles, a 171-26 record and cemented a spot as one of the top high school football programs in the country.

But high school football in Georgia is different, so when Gainesville HS (the third-winningest program in the state of Georgia) went out to look for the ultimate splash hire, they called Niblett, who decided to leave for the Red Elephants job in December of 2021.

For those that don't know Georgia high school football well, the move may have seemed like a head-scratcher. But the resources and commitment to high school football in The Peach State is different and Gainesville has produced talent like NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson and former Alabama quarterback Blake Sims.

The rate of coaches making six-figures in Georgia doubled in just five years, from 2015-19, and that figure has grown in each subsequent year.

The Gainesville HS football account put out a few tweets over the past 24 hours that make the resources Niblett has at his disposal seem a whole lot more like FBS programs than fellow high school programs across the country.

For starters, how about these new TVs in their new $1.5 million weight room renovation.

Strip the names and logos in view away and you'd have a hard time saying if that was an FBS or college football program.

Then, how about this...a player's only cafeteria providing three meals to athletes.

On top of all that, Gainesville is a morning practice program, where the kids are off the field by 8:15am.

Gainesville certainly isn't the only high school program in Georgia, or the country, to have this type of support and resources for their kids, but it's certainly more than enough to make the other 99.9% of high school coaches out there just a bit jealous.

For what it's worth, Niblett has Gainesville off to a 5-0 start and they're climbing the 6A State rankings where they're currently ranked third. He took over a program that finished 5-5 last year.