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Georgia OC Jim Chaney: Most people think of playmakers as skill position guys, but that's not always the case

First-year Georgia offensive coordinator Jim Chaney, who spent last season in the same role at Pitt and two years ago was at Arkansas, spent some time fielding questions from the media over the weekend and dropped a number of interesting nuggets along the way.

One of them was talking about playmakers and how a lot of people associate being a playmaker with being a skill position type of player.

"I think people associate playmakers with guys that are creative when they have the ball in their hand."

Chaney then goes on to talk about Junior offensive guard Isaiah Wynn, and how he is a "tremendous playmaker in the front. He's a light, witty kid with great feet, and great football intellect and seldom gets beat. He makes plays when we don't expect him to and gets leverage on defensive lineman when he shouldn't. So he's a great playmaker."

"We associate that with the ball. Do we have players that can do that? Yeah. We got guys that can run fast vertically, but might not be as shaky, so their playmaking ability might be on vertical balls. We have some big tight ends that might be those third and medium guys that are forced to make plays."

"As coaches, we always want better players. You'll never get a coordinator up here that doesn't want 10 great wide outs, 7 tight ends, 7 running backs, or 4 quarterbacks and 20 lineman. We all want more players, and better, greater quality players to win in the SEC with."

Hear more from Chaney in the clip.