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Georgia Southern is providing the camp blueprint for new college staffs


A brand new coaching staff in a new part of the country, with few recruiting ties to the geographic area means one thing come recruiting season and camp time; hit the pavement and get in front of as many coaches and players as humanly possible.

We caught wind that Georgia Southern is doing two camps a day for today and tomorrow all over the state of Georgia. First year GSU head coach Willie Fritz brought some of his guys from Sam Houston State (FCS - TX) with him, all of who had great relationships with Texas high school coaches, but now they have to start all over in the state of Georgia, and in typical Willie Fritz fashion, they're attacking it aggressively.

From the looks of their plan of attack below, they'll run a camp in one location in the morning and then load up and head to the next one for an afternoon session. The more coaches and recruits they can get in front of and show the new brand of Georgia Southern football, the better chances that Fritz and his staff have to build strong recruiting ties with coaches and recruits, ultimately with the goal being to help the program successfully transition to the FBS level.

A lot of first year staffs hit a few camps in areas that they plan on recruiting heavily, but Fritz and his guys are working their tail off and doubling their exposure and visibility on a daily basis by running two camps a day. These guys aren't messing around.

Georgia Southern opens the season at NC State on August 30th, and then takes on Savannah State at home, before heading to Atlanta to take on Georgia Tech at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

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