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Georgia Southern's new (yet familiar) helmet logo inspired by country music star

If you follow country music, you've probably heard of Georgia Southern grad Cole Swindell. Swindell's hit song Chillin' It has climbed the country music charts and is being played on radio stations nationwide, and is also a big hit at baseball games across the country.

In the video, Swindell is rocking a Georgia Southern hat with a simple "GS" logo on the front (the same one used by the baseball team for decades), and according to a release from Georgia Southern yesterday, the logo made famous in the music video will be proudly displayed on the white helmets that the team will be wearing Saturday for the first time in program history when Georgia Southern hosts New Mexico State.

From the release, per the university:

"The Eagles will wear white helmets with a blue stripe down the middle and blue numbers on one side, with the GS logo made famous by country music superstar Cole Swindell on the other side. The players will still wear blue jerseys and white pants for the game."

Swindell explained to Nashville Edge back in May of last year why he rocks the Georgia Southern hat with pride.

“I went to a small high school in down in south Georgia," he notes. "Terrell Academy is the name of it. I graduated with about 23 people, so if you were the least bit athletic, you kind of had to play everything. So I played baseball, basketball, football, ran track and played golf. Georgia Southern [University] is my team. It’s where I went to college. It’s the only sport where they have an actual hat, so I just want to show support for my school. Georgia Southern was such a big part of me getting my start.”

The other side of the helmet, opposite the "GS", will be the player's number. It may not be a design that will set Twitter on fire with hype, but the story behind it is pretty cool.

Take a look at the helmets below, and also included is a screen shot of the hat Swindell wears in the music video that has since been produced to sell to the Georgia Southern and Cole Swindell faithful.


Speaking of Georgia Southern, they also released this video recently, touting themselves as "The South's Best Kept Secret". Have a look.