Turner Field, the current (and soon to be former) home of Major League Baseball’s Atlanta Braves, has been awarded to an Atlanta-based real estate firm (Carter) and Georgia State following a bidding process.

Georgia State has a $300 million plan that will turn the stadium, and the surrounding area, into a “mix of student housing, apartments, retail and turning the field into a football stadium,” according to the AJC.

GSU Campus is just over a mile from the current baseball stadium, making it the perfect urban setting for the new development being planned. The team currently plays in the Georgia Dome, and the rest of the athletic teams play nine miles east of campus, making it a difficult commute for students.

The Braves will leave Turner Field at the end of next year, and from that point on, the property will become Georgia State’s to transform.

As long as they don’t hit any hiccups along the way, the move would be a big one for the Georgia State football program. The Panthers just played in their first bowl game (The Cure Bowl) on December 19th, and this news creates a nice swing of momentum that they’ll be able build nicely on.

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