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Georgia Tech may have the coolest business cards in college football

In the world of business cards, designs are pretty bland. But leave it to college football coaches to use business cards as a vehicle to share more about their program.

When I think of coaches and programs that have been innovate in years past, a few names come to mind.

Back in 2013, while PJ Fleck was still at Western Michigan he had some really unique business cards actually made of wood.

via CBS Sports

via CBS Sports

I can also recall James Franklin had a unique metal business card as well, and Derek Mason had a similar one for a while there as well.

Meanwhile, a few years ago the Northwestern staff had cards that were about a 1/4 inch bigger on each side, so that when you put them in with the rest of the business cards you've accumulated, they'd literally stick out.

But what Geoff Collins and his staff, especially brand manager Santino "Morpheus" Stancato, are doing at Georgia Tech is next-level stuff. Take a look.

A recent article from ESPN explains the thought behind the design.

"During one staff meeting, the two showed off a business card concept they came up with that was essentially a fully dressed out football player with the jersey number left empty.

Carry a Sharpie, Collins told his assistants. Because when they handed these cards out, he wanted them to fill in the jersey with each recruit's number in order to add a more personal touch."

That is brilliant, and definitely the most unique business card in all of college football. Who's going to top that? Better yet, and more likely - who will be the first to copy it?

Head over to ESPN to read more on the unique approach Geoff Collins and his staff are using.