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To get their administration's attention, one college team ripped the logos off their helmets

On their own, an individual college football player has a limited amount of power. But put together, a college football team is one of the most powerful groups in the country.

We saw it at Missouri, at Grambling, and now at Charleston Southern.

The Buccaneers players were unhappy with the food service available to them on campus -- the quality, the quantity and the availability. And to get their point across, the team decided to take the decals off their helmets moments before Saturday's game with Presbyterian. (Charleston Southern won, 7-0.)

It's hard to imagine a more effective way for the team to get its point across, so effective you wonder if they'll inspire copycats down the line.

The situation hasn't been resolved yet, but it did get the Charleston Southern administration's attention.

"We're dealing with an internal matter. The administration has worked with the football team to resolve the issue. At this time, we have no further comments," said assistant AD for media relations Seth Montgomery.

The club has voted to play the rest of the season without the decals as a show of solidarity to the team.

WATCH: Saturday @CSUFB played w/o logo decals on helmets. Protesting issues to administration like not enough food for players.What we know:

— Daren Stoltzfus (@DarenStoltzfus) October 16, 2017

Update: We're told by the Bucs' beat writer David Shelton the decals will go back on this week.