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Getting fired sucks. This is how you handle it though


The New Orleans Pelicans made the difficult decision this morning to fire head coach Monty Williams. Under Williams' watch, the team made progress, making the playoffs this year for the first time in...well, too long.

We don't know the reasons and this isn't the place to get into that; but earlier today local reporter Travers Mackel went to Williams' home and spoke with the coach.

The video is "must watch" for coaches. Unfortunately, the video player isn't embeddable but you can go to this link to watch the video.

What you will see is a coach who has just been shellshocked by being fired for the first time as a head coach. He doesn't know where things go from here; but he speaks from the heart and he has tremendous perspective on life. Humility comes to mind.

This is worth your time.