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How to go head-to-head for a top recruit against Nick Saban

NSD Update: The Huskers have signed Robinson!

Nick Saban is closing in on signing his thirteenth recruiting class as the head coach of the Crimson Tide. While in Tuscaloosa, the classes that Saban and his assistants have put together have been at or near the top of the recruiting rankings what seems like every year. Saban's on-the-field success, the success of his assistant coaches, their collective ability to churn out NFL talent, and Alabama's facilities have combined to make on of the most attractive recruiting pitches perhaps ever in the history of recruiting. So how does an opposing staff go on the road, and into the schools or living rooms of recruits that Saban and Alabama are targeting and hope to come out on top? Well in the case of Scott Frost and Nebraska, while recruiting one of the top defensive lineman in the country in Ty Robinson out of Higley HS (Gilbert, AZ), they pulled out all the stops. According to USA Today, Frost did something he'd never done before. He decided to pull all his 10 of his full-time assistants off the road and redirected them to come help him make a push for Robinson, so when they showed up they'd be 11 strong (including Frost). On occasion, some programs will have four or five guys go in to send a message that they're a top priority, and Frost shared that he's had nine of his guys visit a recruit before, but never all 11. That sends a serious message. Frost had already planned to go visit Robinson, but when he found out Saban had just been there and planned to be coming back, that's when he called in all 11 of his guys, telling Robinson that he's their top priority, and those actions certainly backed that up. Higley HS commemorated the unique visit with a tweet featuring all eleven of Nebraska's guys.

We'll have to wait until tomorrow's early national signing day to see whether Frost's decision pays off.

Robinson reportedly has his choices down to Alabama, Nebraska, Oregon, USC, and Stanford.

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