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Go inside the closet, and mind, of the best dressed assistant in college football


Gary Campbell has been coaching the Oregon running backs going on 33 seasons now, and is the longest tenured assistant at any one program in the country. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg of what he's known for in the coaching profession.

If you ever see Campbell on the road, you know he's got a knack for dressing to the nines. Italian three piece suits and matching hats and shoes galore, from black, to brown, to purple and every colorin between, Campbell has it covered. The man has style for days.

In a recent interview with KEZI Channel 9, Campbell talked openly about his coaching style, his favorite Oregon backs to coach over the past three decades, how he approaches recruiting and why he loves coaching so much...but things got really interesting toward the end of the interview when Campbell took the cameras inside of his closet at around the 3:47 mark.

"I do most of my shopping in Los Angeles, I have a great tailor down there." Campbell explained.

"As a young man, even in high school, I always liked to dress [up]. I think I got that from my mother, I think I picked that up from her. Her dad, my grandfather, was a big hat man. He wore a hat everyday, and I wear a hat everyday."

"I always liked to look good when I went to school, hardly ever wore jeans." Campbell noted.

Some would say that Oregon defensive coordinator Don Pellum is able to give Campbell a run for his money, but you can get a sense from Campbell's interview who he really believes is the undisputed best dressed assistant in college football.