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The go-to play of every NFL team gets broken down and drawn up

One of the first things I can recall growing up in a football coaching household was the term "bread-and-butter" plays. As coaches we all have plays or schemes that become our offensive or defensive identity, something that we can hang our hat on.

These are often our "Day 1 installs", or the calls we lean on when that time in a game comes when we need a big, or clutch play, and the play calls we expect our players to be able to execute in their sleep.

The Washington Post shared a piece today where they dug into the schemes of every NFL team and found each one's "signature play." What coaches will really enjoy is their animated GIF of each team's play, with a brief description accompanying every one, often with some history on the head coach and how that ties in.

As an example, here's the play highlighted for the Patriots.


Only a few teams (Bills, Dolphins Ravens, Jaguars) have run plays highlighted, while every other team has some form of quick-game, play action or drop back pass, with a few RPOs sprinkled in among them as well.

Many of the plays highlighted are likely in most of your playbook, at least in some form or another, with football staples like shallow, drive, double unders, four verticals, dagger, and levels all represented in some form.

Head here to take a look at the full piece. It's a fascinating read.