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Goodell: NFL plans to play a full season

The NFL draft is tonight, in case you hadn't heard. This will be a celebrated and resoundingly weird event. It is also the final American sporting "event" on the calendar until the PGA returns on June 11 -- unless you count The Last Dance.

Once the draft ends this weekend, the next item on the NFL calendar will be the schedule release, early next month. And if you want to taunt fate in these strange times, nothing does the trick quite like releasing a schedule of future events.

Roger Goodell said on NFL Network that the league plans to release its schedule in full next month.

Though the NFL seems to be tempting fate by boldly proceeding as if there isn't a novel coronavirus that has ground America to a halt like nothing else since World War II, the NFL does have the advantage of watching and learning how the NBA, NHL and MLB proceed between now and September. (That is, assuming they do resume at some point over the next five months.)

Interestingly, I heard Dallas Morning News beat writer David Moore on KTCK-FM last night, citing his sources, say that it will be immediately clear how the schedule could be collapse, truncated or otherwise altered if necessary -- i.e., putting more inter-conference games than usual in September and saving as many divisional games as possible until later in the. season.

We'll find out when the schedule is released as... scheduled.

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