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Got 250 grand to spare? If so, UCLA is willing to name a lobby after you


UCLA football is on a roll. The Bruins are coming off a successful season, and they are everyone's trendy College Football Playoff pick in this young season. The iron is hot, and the UCLA athletics department is striking that thing repeatedly. 

UCLA's fundraising arm released on Thursday a list of items in the Wasserman Football Center that are available for purchase. As the tweet below indicates, they're asking a quarter of a million bucks just to name the interns' office after you. That quarter of a million bucks, of course, doesn't buy you a single ticket. Those are extra. 

Jim Mora, Brett Hundley and company had better deliver this season, or there are going to be some window-less offices without Jane and John Q. Bruins Fan plaques on their walls.


(via @WoodenFund)