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The governor of Texas says the Big 12 owes people an apology

I wrote last night that the Big 12's three-month dog-and-pony show that ended with none of its 11 suitors winning a rose won't make the conference any friends outside its suburban Dallas headquarters.

Chief among them: Texas governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott, who stumped for Houston earlier this year, tweeted a message Monday night calling for an apology from Big 12 leadership following last night's announcement that the conference would not expand.

Oklahoma president David Boren and Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby attempted to paint a picture that this was all a simple fact finding mission that ended with all 10 members holding hands and marching forward into their well-paid sunset was an insult to the intelligence of the college sports public, not to mention the dozens of schools the Big 12 tacitly invited to sing and dance for them. Take it from this Texas lawmaker.

Or the schools that spent real capital -- financial and emotional -- pursuing a bid that the Big 12 pretended never existed in the first place.

The Big 12 may feel great about itself today. But they're probably the only ones who do.