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The Grad Assistant Challenge

For those not following the antics on the twitter, Friday Azusa Pacific head Victor Santa Cruz proffered that APU might just have the strongest grad assistants in all of this vast land.

Hmmm, #TheGAChallenge was born.

For those who might have been head down, preparing for the upcoming season (!!!), we'll excuse you for not having noticed the challenge on twitter thus far. We plan to let this run through Wednesday night. This Thursday we will crown the champions of #TheGAChallenge. All submittals must include the hashtag #TheGAChallenge.  Rules? Well, Coach Santa Cruz set the rules. Many a staff will enter, only one staff will be crowned the 2017 Champion. Get it done fellas.


Update> Strong contenders here from the home squad at APU.

Wednesday update:Looks like we've got a new leader, folks.