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"Great coaches don't ask, they demand what they want"

Very few current Division I coordinators have 28 years of experience calling the plays. Al Borges is on that short list.

After spending this past year out of coaching following three seasons as the offensive coordinator under Brady Hoke at Michigan, Borges landed the offensive coordinator gig with San Jose State, where he'll also oversee the development of the quarterbacks.

In a recent Spartan Central piece, San Jose State quarterbacks noted Borges' demanding coaching style as one of the things that they've had to adjust to since his arrival.

"I just know what I know." Borges said upon hearing a review of his coaching style from his new players.

“I know I what I know and I know what I want and I have a paradigm that if the player doesn’t meet the expectation, then we have to see to it that he does."

"Great coaches don’t ask, they demand what they want. You don’t have to scream and yell at them all the time, but you have to make darn sure that you’re getting what you expect."

"Otherwise, you’re not a very good coach.” Borges added.

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