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"Great defenses have two things; competition and depth"


Texas A&M defensive line coach Terry Price has been a part of his fair share of defensive lines since his coaching career began as a volunteer for the Aggies back in 1992. Price coached a defensive line unit at Auburn in 2005 that recorded an impressive 11 sacks against Alabana, and five of his players went on to become NFL draft picks between 1999 and 2007, according to his official bio.

Now orchestrating one of the deepest defensive lines that he believes he's had in years, Price got mic'd up as training camp began and shared his insight into two traits that all defenses have.

"Depth provides competition, and competition provides inspired play. Because if you don't play inspired one day, you can go from first team to second team, or second team to third team in a heartbeat." Price explained.

See and hear more from Price in the video above.