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A great message for coaches battling to get kids in the weight room

The summer off season is a period where many coaches struggle to get the numbers they'd like to see in the weight room, which is why this snippet making it's way around coaching circles will ring true for so many.

I recently came across the tweet included below, and some brief research shows that it came from an article by LeCharles Bentley from last year about this time. Offensive line coaches will recognize Bentley's name for the outstanding work he does with the big fellas up front and the resources he also provides.

Maybe it's not quite politically correct, and it will probably be considered too harsh by some, but there's a lot of truth to what Bentley shares, and the fact that it continues to impact coaches a year after first being written is a testament to it's truth.

Head here to read more of Bentley's thoughts on 5 personalities that can bring down a position room.