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"The great thing about football is you can't cheat it. It's just like life."

Northwestern's latest installment of "The Foundation," which provides an unparalleled look inside of Spring ball in Evanston, is full of some really good content this week.

Sitting down with offensive coordinator Mick McCall, offensive line coach Adam Cushing, you get a really good feel for how Northwestern handles their business on the offensive side of the ball.

The best nugget in the entire video probably comes from Cushing, who, when talking about his very first meeting with his offensive line, explained, "I tell my guys that the minute they walk in the door with us as Freshman that I'm, going to attack problems, and not people on the field."

You might want to write that one down to share with your guys come fall. I definitely did.

And as someone who lives in the heart of Big Ten country, this quote from a Wildcat defensive player also caught my attention.

"In the Big Ten, everyone is big, everyone is strong and everyone is fast, but the guys that really separate themselves from the pack are the guys who are relentless and who give great effort each play." Northwestern Junior defensive end Dean Lowry shares during the clip.

At the end of the clip, as Pat Fitzgerald addresses the team after practice, he shares with his guys that practice simply "wasn't good enough".

"Today wasn't good enough. But that's the great thing about football men, you cannot cheat it. It's just like life - if you try to cheat life, you'll get exposed. That's how you beat yourself." Fitz explained.