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Great things happen at a "Fall Camp Manhood Retreat"


For the past seven the Abilene Christian football program has taken a "Manhood Retreat" during August camp. Read that again: during August camp. 

The staff at Abilene Christian believes that spending two days focusing on "what God designed us to be as men" in lieu of a couple of practices and a positional meetings is a wise investment in their program and their young men. I agree with them. I don't know that I would for a program with a new staff / scheme; but when you have continuity, I have to believe the investment in getting the players to believe in, and want to work for, each other is priceless. This is about preparing these young men to have success in life, and on the football field. 

ACU head coach Ken Collums tells FootballScoop that 10 days or so into camp, they take the players and coaches for a two-day retreat where the players rest, play, interact and grow spiritually together. At the retreat they do not talk about football at all, instead they listen to speakers, dance, sing...and they have fun too. Cue the blob video:

Yeah, that's head coach Ken Collums there on the right being "blobbed" high into the sky...only to perfectly pull off the fabled cannonball!

Abilene Christian's annual "Manhood Retreat" has to be one of the most unique events in major college football; and it would be hard to argue with the results. ACU was a Division II powerhouse before beginning their transition to FCS. This will be their first full season competing exclusively at the FCS level. ACU opens their season a week from tonight on ESPNU at Georgia State.