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Greg Sankey calls Ole Miss, Mississippi State ADs into the principal's office

Though the Iron Bowl gets all the hype, the most heated rivalry in the SEC at the moment is the Egg Bowl. How many other rivalries have seen one school narc on the other that it leads to a head coach being forced to resign?

Thursday's Egg Bowl once again got ugly, where multiple players on both sides were assessed flagrant personal foul penalties and staffers from each side were engaged in a yelling match. Here's how Mississippi State head coach Joe Moorhead left the field.

And here is a taste of the animosity during the game.

On Monday, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey issued about the most strongly-worded statement you'll see from a conference commissioner, specifically requiring Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork and Mississippi State AD John Cohen to meet with him at the conference office in Birmingham. (Emphasis added.)

"It remains disappointing to have seen the unnecessary actions during and after the Mississippi State at Ole Miss game on Thursday night. These actions are unacceptable and my concern relates to the bigger issue of the repeated incidents before, during and after games between these football programs," said SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey. "These incidents have become too common in this series. I will require both athletics directors to meet with me at the SEC Office in the off-season to review past issues and develop a plan for the purpose of creating a healthier environment for this annual game."

While Sankey attempts to solve the Egg Bowl animosity, his staff is also reviewing the postgame fracas after the LSU-Texas A&M game.

It really does just mean more, doesn't it?