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Greg Sankey is the new SEC commissioner


The SEC made it official today, Greg Sankey has been tabbed to take over for Mike Slive as SEC commissioner, effective July 31st.

Sankey, who has served as the SEC executive associate commissioner and chief operating officer since 2012, was widely regarded as the favorite for the position from the get-go, and had been groomed as Slive's replacement for some time. He had been a member of the SEC staff for 13 years in total.

"Greg possesses all of the traits we were searching for in the next commissioner of the SEC," said Arkansas Chancellor Dr. David Gearhart, who served as chairman of the search committee said in the official release.

"He has shown tremendous leadership in his existing role in the conference office and he exudes a passion for the student-athlete that is critical for the new era of college athletics that we have entered. He is the right person to lead the SEC at an important time in our history."

If the buzz on social media is accurate, this seems to be a great hire for all involved, and Sankey is just the right guy to carry on the rich tradition of the SEC moving forward.

By the way, new SEC commissioner Greg Sankey’s Twitter handle is @gscantweet. Hope he continues to use this medium.

— Dan Wolken (@DanWolken) March 12, 2015

Sankey's official introduction will come tomorrow at 10am.

Also, it only seems fitting to point out that Sankey's official Twitter profile (@gscantweet) avatar is him flipping a rather large tractor tire. Oh SEC...