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These Group of 5 and FCS programs have beaten Power 5 programs this year

Power 5 programs aren't supposed to lose to their peers from the Group of 5 and FCS. They have more money, more resources, more exposure, more everything. And yet it still happens. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

We'll call this phenomenon "Pulling a Pete," in honor of the great Chris Petersen, who went an unthinkable 9-4 against Power 5 programs during his eight years at Boise State. You may remember some of those games.

We'll keep a running tally of FCS or Group of 5 wins over Power 5 programs here in this space.

Week 0 (1-1)
Colorado State 58, Oregon State 27

Week 1 (1-41)
Liberty 48, Baylor 45

Week 2 (6-25)
Middle Tennessee 30, Syracuse 23
Eastern Michigan 16, Rutgers 13
Central Michigan 45, Kansas 27
UTSA 17, Baylor 10
Houston 19, Arizona 16
San Diego State 30, Arizona State 20

Week 3 (5-27)
South Florida 47, Illinois 23
San Diego State 20, Stanford 17
Memphis 48, UCLA 45
Northern Illinois 21, Nebraska 17
Ohio 42, Kansas 30

That's an 13-94 overall mark thus far, with a dozen games on tap for Week 4. We'll keep tabs as the number grows throughout the season.