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Guess who's tutoring Jameis Winston and Bryce Petty before the Combine?

If you couldn't tell already, that's Jim Harbaugh tutoring former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston and former Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty in advance of this week's NFL Combine.

It's a nice opportunity for Winston and Petty to learn from the guy who turned Andrew Luck into a No. 1 pick and helped develop Colin Kaepernick into a successful young quarterback (60 total touchdowns, 21 interceptions through 2014) and was a pretty darn good quarterback in his own right.

And, as you can see, Michigan is leveraging the heck out the situation. "Hey recruits, check out where Winston and Petty go to prep for The League?" Here's hoping Harbaugh and Urban Meyer lock horns for a quarterback recruit in the next year or two.

(via The Big Lead)