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Gus Malzahn loses key member of his UCF staff

Ross Newton is leaving UCF for a new opportunity.

Ross Newton has been a trusted member of Gus Malzahn's staff the past few seasons at both UCF and Auburn, where he played a key role on the support staff.

At UCF, Malzahn brought Newton in to serve as the program's general manager and at Auburn he was the point man in building relationships with high school coaches and was the point of contact for all professional teams.

After about a year at UCF, Newton is departing for a new opportunity.

Newton, who graduate from Samford with a degree in History, has decided to take a teaching and coaching job at Thompson HS (AL).

The new role will allow him and his wife Allison, and their three boys (Thomas, William and Patrick) to be closer to family and will allow them all to spend more time together.

Before joining Malzahn's staff at Auburn in 2020, Newton spent 14 seasons on the Samford (FCS - AL) staff where he coached the defensive line and linebackers.

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