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Gus Malzahn at SECMD16: "Close games are on the coaches," and "we need to do better"

Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn kicked off SEC Media Days today.

Among one of the more interesting comments he touched on a number of times was how important it is to win the close games in the SEC, and that's something they excelled at a few years ago, but struggled with last season when they finished 7-6. Malzahn added that "close games are on the coaches" and that they need to do a better job of closing those close games out.

Malzahn was asked almost at the end of his presser if he was glad to see Mark Richt out at Georgia (which seemed like a strange question), and he responded by offering up a very strong compliment of Richt:

"Richt is a great example for young guys of how you're supposed to act and go about your business."

Below is a summary of Malzahn's comments from the podium.

Remaining guests this afternoon include Florida's Jim McElwain and Vanderbilt's Derek Mason.